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Hi all, I'm Arthur; the founder of Trip2gether. I came to New Zealand as an exchange student to study a MSc in computer science at Victoria University of Wellington in the third semester. Beforehand, I studied at the IT University of Copenhagen (Denmark). I started this project because I noticed there is a problem in the way newcomers approach trips in New Zealand.

From a travelling perspective, New Zealand is a dream destination. When I first arrived, I did not know anyone, which made finding a group to travel with a real challenge. I realised that other international students preferred to travel with their ethnic groups, whilst local kiwi's often don't plan travel related trips. Since I do not belong to a large ethnic group, did not want to pay triple the price for a guided tour, or travel with clubs on trips to preplanned destinations, exploring New Zealand became harder than I expected. After speaking to other international students, VUWSA (Victoria University of Wellington Student's Association), international clubs, and other organisations, it became clear that this is a common problem that had no easy solution. Therefore, I decided to solve this problem and prevent the 'pain' future international students may face. At an entrepreneurship competition held by Victoria University, I pitched this idea and the Trip2gether concept received first prize. This event motivated me, and with the help of a couple of friends, the early version of the Trip2gether project has been developed.

Trip2gether is designed to help newcomers and all interested in traveling to organise trips around New Zealand in interactive way; we hope you find it useful. Enjoy your travels around New Zealand!